Dance Expressions

Dance Expressions is a teaching style I have developed specifically for children who have little to no dance experience. I use movement games and improvisations to lead children into a space where they feel comfortable exploring all the different ways they can express themselves through movement. 

This style of development is often very useful for camp and school settings where children may have never participated in a formal dance class before. 


  • To develop strong individual thinkers

  • encourage creativity by creating a safe space for self expression and exploration

  • begin to introduce dance concepts such as: levels, speed, direction, and texture of movements

  • To offer children a window into dance as an art form 

Stylized Dance Technique

Ballet / Jazz/ Contemporary/ Improvisation/ composition/ Hip Hop

For students who want to pursue dance beyond just a hobby.



  • Develop strong technique focusing on body awareness and proper alignment
  • Develop choice makers: dancers who can make interesting decisions  base on their own personal style

  • To Pursue passion; for dancers who are in love with dance I want to help nurture that passion and point them in a direction towards success outside of the studio

Where I Have Taught

Where I Have  Trained